• Christine McPhail MSc RD

Finding Satisfaction In Your Eating Experience

An important part of eating that is often forgotten is deriving satisfaction from the foods we eat and the experience of eating. Many people sacrifice satisfaction in their eating experience because they think they have to in order to eat “healthy”. This means people are feeling pressure to always choose the “healthiest” options or the lowest-calorie options, which often leave them feeling dissatisfied not to mention hungry! It also means there isn’t much room for foods that we eat just for fun.

Instead, you can ask yourself these questions:

· How do I want to feel physically after this meal/snack? This question helps about your past eating experiences. With practice, you can begin to recognize which food combinations work for you in the moment and how much you need to feel good physically.

· How long do I want this meal/snack to sustain me? Are you meal hungry or snack hungry? What needs to be a part of this meal or snack for you to feel satisfied physically and mentally? Tip: including protein and fat in a meal will make it more satisfying and sustaining.

· When was the last time I ate? This question helps you focus on feeding your body regularly throughout the day it can also give you some insight into why you may feel hungry or not. Remember you can trust your body’s hunger cues but they are influenced by things like sleep quality, stress, and what you have eaten already and when.

Remember eating with others is also a great way to feel more satisfied with your eating experience. Food is meant to be shared!

Happy eating!

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