• Christine McPhail MSc RD

Friendly Reminder...

Friendly Reminder☺️ Your value as a human being should not be dictated by your size and how your body changes over time. Despite what society tells you❌

Think of someone you care about or even admire. Chances are you admire them for many things like their confidence, intelligence, caring nature, their interests AND not just their physical appearance.

We are ALL more than just physical bodies. We are unique individuals with interests and purpose and we have so much more to offer the world ❤️ . . . Side note: Body positivity is for everyone as it centers on the idea that there shouldn't be an ideal body and that all bodies deserve respect BUT it's important to understand that body positivity doesn't exist without the fat liberation movement. It's this idea that some bodies are valued more and treated better than others that leads to the systemic oppression and discrimination of fat people first and foremost but harms us all. In the lense of body positivity, it's great to explore your body, unlearn the hate that diet culture teaches us etc. and also contribute to challenging a society that actively engages in weight stigma and discrimination and normalizes it. In that lens bodies are super interesting!

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