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Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Had a fun time discussing health at every size, the social determinants of health, weight bias/stigma and of course intuitive eating last night at a local fitness centre! I think it's important that these kinds of messages reach people in fitness settings, where so often the focus ends up being on weight/appearance as a measure of "success" 🤔

Our culture tells us that smaller is better..that shrinking is better BUT this just isn't true. You cannot judge how healthy/happy/successful someone is based on their size alone and when we do make assumptions, we reinforce weight stigma. You also can't assume that someone's weight loss hasn't come from a place of self-loathing, restriction, over exercise etc and chances are if you have to "watch" everything you eat, not partake in social eating situations without anxiety, or you feel guilt and shame, then your efforts are not going to be sustainable in the long-term AND they shouldn't be. You deserve a FULL life 👍👍👍

Our weight may change throughout our lives and we all come in different shapes and sizes AND that's 👌When we focus on weight as a measure of success or health, when engaging in something like movement and our weight doesn't change the way we want it to, we get distracted from the benefits of movement like improved bio-markers, reduced risk of chronic disease, lower stress levels, improved strength etc. which are ALL independent of weight changes.

ALSO finding joy in movement and treating your body with respect takes time and sometimes NOT moving is actually what your body needs.☺️

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