• Christine McPhail MSc RD

This Halloween...

It's fun to celebrate with food but what's actually unhealthy about Halloween is trying to restrict and feeling guilty and anxious about your food choices. No one deserves to feel that way.🎃

Candy is NOT bad. No food is. ALL FOODS FIT.

If you feel out of control with candy, that's a sign that you may need to be more flexible with this type of food every other day of the year so it's not such a big deal. No one food holds that much power when we give ourselves permission to eat ALL foods.👍 Think about it: If you allowed yourself to have some Halloween candy, you may eat enough that you don't feel well but you can learn from that. You are not only going to eat Halloween candy for every meal and snack because that wouldn't feel good for long. In future, when candy is just another food you enjoy, you will eat the amount that feels right and satisfying, knowing that you can have more later if you want to.

Happy Halloween👻

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