"When the joy goes out of eating...nutrition suffers." - Ellyn Satter

Everyone deserves to eat in a way that supports physical and mental health, without strict rules, deprivation, shame, or guilt. Let's work together to help you rediscover the satisfaction that food, eating, and cooking can bring.

Your initial session will be 90 minutes long.  In this appointment, we will get to know each other and we will discuss your medical history, other aspects of your health, your relationship with food and your body and your present nutrition concerns.  We will discuss your long-term goals and create a plan together.  Follow-up sessions are 60 minutes long.  We will focus on developing strategies to help you reach your goals,  troubleshoot roadblocks as they arise and reassess your goals as we progress.

I am happy to assist you with intuitive eating, mindful eating, treatment for eating disorders & disordered eating, overcoming chronic dieting.

I look forward to working with you!

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Initial consultation (90 minute session)


Follow up appointments (60 minute session)

Flat rate of $125 per appointment (As of January 2021)